Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kuber Mudra for Prosperity

I recently came across a Yoga Mudra ( pose) that can be practised to attract Prosperity.

How to form Kuber Mudra:-

1. The tips of thumb, index and middle finger should be brought together and press them against each other.
2. The other two fingers should be bent and they should rest in the middle of palm. Do it with both of your hands.

Benefits:- Apparently, this mudra helps people achieve what they set as goal for themselves and not only money, though money is what most of the people want. While doing this mudra, focus with your full intensity on what you want and think of as if you have already got it. This Mudra helps channel your energy and motivation towards what you want. And in this Mudra, it is of less importance that for what time you do but what is important is with how much intensity you do it.

The best thing would be to practice this every morning for 15 minutes.

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